A green pineapple in a 3D printer.

Are you interested in learning the basics of computer-aided design or 3D printing?

Our free weekly classes in Auaha Makerspace (Te Kete Aronui) will cover these two separate but related topics. No registration required, attend either or both!

At the CAD Class, you'll learn what Computer-Aided Design is and how to navigate the programmes used to create your own 3D printing models.
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At the 3D Printing Class, you'll learn about the parts of a 3D printer, some essential troubleshooting tips and even some advice for buying your own 3D printer.
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An older person with a tablet being assisted by a librarian.

Need some help getting started with your new phone, laptop or tablet? Or need some help navigating the latest apps?

We can assist with basic troubleshooting, tricky questions and the setup of your mobile devices.

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A computer montior with colourful icons flying out of it.

Would you like help with your CV, setting up an email account, online job applications, or general computer help? One-on-one help sessions are available with a volunteer.

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Librarian and young child playing with a robot

Already a pro at building Lego? Sign up for our classes and learn how to make a Lego Mindstorm robot and program it to move, make sounds and sense its surroundings.

LEGO Mindstorm Robot Workshops are suitable for children aged 8-12.

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Person cutting some fabric next to a sewing machine.

Our four-week adult sewing programme, Sew Smooth, will teach you how to sew with sewing machines.

Beginners will learn the basics of threading up a machine, sewing seams, using different stitches, and sewing simple projects. Intermediate learners will improve their skills by working through a set project, such as a bucket hat, pants, or a skirt.

Sew Smooth (Beginners) information and registration.

Sew Smooth (Intermediate) information and registration.

Close-up photo of a pair of hand belonging to an older person, holding and using a smartphone.

Got a new smartphone? Need some help to use it? One of our free classes might be just what you’re looking for. Attend any or all!

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Occasional Technology Events

Auaha Workshops

Auaha 3D Printing


Aside from regular programming, we often run various one-off workshops and courses in our makerspace. Past and planned programmes include Candle Camp, 3D Printing Basics, Podcast Recording, TronBots, Coding Classes, Watercolour Painting, and more! View our Event Calendar to see what's coming up.

If you're proud of a creative hobby or skillset you have, and want to share your passion with others through Auaha Makerspace, please get in touch with us!