Person placing books on returns shelf

We have Returns Shelves and Returns chutes at each of our libraries. These use RFID technology to scan your item as soon as you return it, meaning the loan comes off your library account right away.

Returning items is as easy as placing them on the shelf. You can place multiple items on the shelf at once.

The names of the items will appear on the screen next to the shelf, so you can be sure they have been scanned and returned correctly. There is no need to scan your library card.

Person placing books on returns shelf

If you don't see the name of the item appear on screen, it may not have been detected. Talk to a member of staff if you need assistance.

The Returns Chutes show a green light to indicate they are operating. Start by holding the spine of your book or item to the flap.

When the chute has detected a library item is present, it will unlock. A beep will sound and the light will flash green and yellow. You can then push the items through the flap. They will be scanned on the way through, and removed from your account.

Person putting books through chute

The chute may not unlock if you are trying to force your item through, or holding it the wrong way around.

If the light is off or flashing multiple colours, there is a problem with the chute. Please return your items elsewhere if you can, or contact us for assistance.

You can also return Hamilton City Libraries items to the following Hamilton City Council sites:

For more information on this returns process and what items can be accepted at these locations, see Returns at Hamilton City Council.