Digital Membership

We have membership options for those who only wish to access library eBooks and electronic subscription databases.

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eBooks and eAudiobooks

eBooks and eAudiobooks are electronic versions of printed books, or recordings of a book read aloud, which can be downloaded and read/listened to on a computer, or mobile device like a tablet or smartphone.

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eMagazines and eNewspapers

An eMagazine or eNewspaper is a magazine or newspaper published in electronic format which can be read on a computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

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Research and Learning

Hamilton City Libraries members have access to training courses, family history records, reading resources, funding opportunities, and local and international magazine, journal and newspaper articles.

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Film and Documentary

Watch movies and documentaries by streaming them online using your library login details. Hamilton City Libraries offers over 1,000 movies and documentaries through Beamafilm.

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Reading Challenge Tracker

Hamilton City Libraries offers fun reading challenges for all ages through Beanstack. You can also use Beanstack to track your reading progress and leave book reviews for other readers.

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Digital Library for kids and teens

Our Digital Library has plenty on offer for kids and teens.

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Heritage Online Collections

Browse our online platform where you can view many of the Heritage materials held by Hamilton City Libraries, such as photos and ephemera. Search by decade, subject, location or format, and add comments to contribute to the information we know about our collection.

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Technical Support

We have gathered troubleshooting and technical support guides if you are having difficulties with any of the library platforms and apps. 

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