APNK Computers and Chromebooks

APNK Station at St Andrews Library

We have desktop computers and Chromebooks are available to members of the public for study, research and personal use. These devices, software and internet are provided by the National Library through the Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa (APNK).

Creating and editing documents can be done online using services such as Google Docs or Office 365. If you wish you create or edit documents, you require a Google or Microsoft account. APNK has created a helpful guide for customers who are new to using the Chrome Operating System:

Please approach our library staff members if you need further support with APNK computers. 

You can log in with your library card number and pin or ask for a guest pass. The library computer network gives you access to the following:  

You must abide by APNK's computer-use policy when using our computers and follow the behaviour guidelines of Hamilton City Libraries. When the computers are in high demand we may limit the time to 30 minutes per person per day to ensure fair and equitable access for all users.

Personal Devices and Wi-Fi

two girls on their phone

You’re welcome to use your laptop and other mobile devices to get internet access. We provide free, unlimited Wi-Fi which is available to anyone inside or outside the library buildings 24/7. You can connect to the network called APNK Library on your device, enter the password apnk2765. Then you need to agree to the APNK terms and conditions from your Wi-Fi compatible device to begin your session.

Most of our desks have power sockets for charging your device. But remember that the library is a public space so please don’t leave your device unattended. 

Photocopying, printing, and scanning 

Librarian using a scanner

Photocopying service is available at all branches, in both black-and-white and colour. Please see a library staff member if you would like to photocopy something. Photocopying charges will need to be paid beforehand, please see information on Fees and Charges for more details. 


We have colour printers available on the APNK network at all our libraries. To use the printers, you’ll need to log on to a computer with your library card number and PIN or a guest pass, which you can get from the front desk. You can also print from your own device. 

Printing charges need to be paid before printing is released. Please go to the front desk and let library staff know your library card number or guest pass ID to identify your print job. Please see information on Fees and Charges for more details. 

Bring Your Own Device Printing (BYOD Printing) 

You can send a print job from anywhere (including your personal device in the library, or your computer at home). 

  1. Create a new email message. Leave the Subject field blank.

  2. Two options for print job content:

    Print a file
    Attach a file (e.g. PDF, Word, JPG) to be printed to the email. Note that in this case, any content in the body of the email will be ignored. You can send us multiple attachments in the same email. 

    Print the email contents
    If there is no file attachment, the system will assume you wish to have the body content of the email printed instead.

  3. Send the email to monitor@print.apnk.nz.

  4. After a few minutes, you will receive a reply confirming that your print job has been received. This reply will also contain a unique Job ID number. This Job ID number is valid for 24 hours. 

  5. Provide the Job ID number to a library staff member who will ask you about the attributes of your print job (e.g. single or double sided) and show you the preview. When you are satisfied, you will be advised of the cost of the print job. You can make your payment via cash or EFTPOS and collect your printing from the APNK printer. Please see information on Fees and Charges for more details.

Scanning services

Self-service scanning is also available at all libraries. The user-friendly interface can guide you through the process but please ask library staff if you need any assistance. The scanning service is free of charge.

For large or fragile documents and photos, there is also a dedicated Digitisation Station on Level 3 of Central Library. This has a flatbed scanner, overhead scanner, and lightbox for viewing negatives. More information about the Digitisation Station.