Teens holding a laptop, smiling.

Our Digital Library has plenty on offer for you to keep you distracted and entertained!

eAudiobooks and eBooks


BorrowBox is an easy to use eAudiobook and eBook platform with downloadable fiction and nonfiction for teens.

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Streaming Movies


Beamafilm has a curated collection of award winning international movies and documentaries.

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eMagazines and eNewspapers


With PressReader, you can read the news from around the world or browse the eMagazines collection for latest fashion, sports and hobbies.

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Libby by OverDrive

Over 3,000 magazines are available through the Libby app, with a rolling 3 years of back issues where available.

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Other free digital resources


Storybird is a great learner-based online tool for readers and writers. You can read stories, comics, poetry and even pictures books written for teens by teens.

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obooko is the online library of choice if you want access to a huge range of legally downloadable ebooks.

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Riveted by Simon Teens

Riveted by Simon Teen is an online community for anyone who loves young adult fiction.

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