The Official New Zealand Road Codes

We have copies of the Official New Zealand Road Code which you can borrow to learn New Zealand road rules for getting your drivers licence.

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Health and Wellbeing

From cooking to mental health, we've got you covered with great books when it comes to self-care and wellbeing. 

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Study Guides

We have ESA Study Guides which contain notes, examples, illustrations, photos, diagrams, questions and answers for different NCEA subjects.

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Internet Safety

Keep a technology-positive approach and stay safe when using the internet. Check out the Netsafe website which provides practical tools, support and advice for managing online challenges.  

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Job Hunting

There are free career quizzes, CV builder, skill matcher and school subject matcher available on Careers New Zealand website to help high school students find a job. There are also excellent examplars and templates available on their website suitable for all - those who want a part-time job while they study and those who've decided to leave school. 

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Rangatahi/Maaori Leadership and Development

Te Puni Kookiri/Ministry of Maaori Development is committed to supporting rangatahi Maaori to reach their full potential. Check out their page to learn more about the mahi they do with rangatahi throughout Aotearoa.

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RainbowYOUTH provides support, information, resources & advocacy for Aotearoa’s queer, gender diverse, takataapui and intersex youth. They are all about fostering safe, inclusive, accepting and diverse environments that are sober, family friendly spaces. It is a very empowering website and highly recommended if you are looking for information on LGBTQI+ 

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Multicultural New Zealand

Multicultural New Zealand has a Youth Council who are maximising opportunities for young ethnic people through provision of a range of activities, events and venues that welcome diversity. They are currently looking for more members. Check out this link if you want to join and you are looking for more about information diversity in New Zealand.

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SPARX looks like a game but actually it’s a self-help tool, designed to help young people with mild to moderate depression.

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Youth Law

YouthLaw Aotearoa is a free community law centre for children and young people nationwide which provides free legal services to anyone aged under 25.

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