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Camera Obscura 4.12.21

Saturday 4 December | Camera Obscura

This menu comes from the Commercial Hotel in 1953. It notes “Compliments of the Season from Mrs and Mrs S. A. Whyte and Staff”.

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Taking time out to relax

Saturday 27 November | Camera Obscura

The last Camera Obscura image on 13. 03. 2020, before the first Covid lockdown started in earnest, featured yachts on the lake.

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Favourite haunt for film buffs

Saturday 20 November | Camera Obscura

This is a 1992 view of the formerly quite grand theatre.

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Whippet a popular model

Saturday 13 November | Camera Obscura

This flier from September 1926 promotes the Whippet, a new vehicle. J. Pomeroy & Co.

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Pools Tile

Hamilton's Municipal Baths

Wednesday 10 November | Stories of Hamilton

The Municipal Baths were opened on 23 December 1912, a year after the formation of the Hamilton Swimming Club.

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Where has this house gone?

Saturday 6 November | Camera Obscura

Driving about town, even walking, odd sights pop up when you least expect them.

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Spring fashion from the past

Saturday 30 October | Camera Obscura

This flier from 1950 comes from H & J Court, titled A Preview What’s New for Spring.

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Family Tree Tile v2

Family History Resources at Central Library

Wednesday 27 October | Resources

Following on from our previous post of five steps to get started with your family history journey, we delve deeper into the resources we hold at Central Library.

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Renovations - what they uncover

Saturday 23 October | Camera Obscura

This is a scene many of us are familiar with – renovations in the doing but no-one in sight and the sun shining outdoors.

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Speaking out on Prohibition

Saturday 16 October | Camera Obscura

This flier dates from October 18, 1928 and promotes a public talk at the Town Hall by Fred Burke.

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