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Camera Obscura 23.10.21

Saturday 23 October | Camera Obscura

This is a 1992 view of the formerly quite grand theatre.

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Drapery stores cut a fine dash in days gone by

Saturday 9 October | Camera Obscura

Do we still have drapery stores? Much of the older terminology, much which entered the English language hundreds of years ago, has fallen into disuse.

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Wellings' - the place to shop for a bargain

Saturday 2 October | Camera Obscura

This flier promotes a sale at Wellings’.

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This is how it's done...

Saturday 25 September | Camera Obscura

This has the look of hard yakker. An old chap is on a machine which looks to be manually operated for the linear movement and the vertical moves.

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Clarke Cup Final 1928

Saturday 18 September | Camera Obscura

In 1928, teams from the Hamilton Rugby Union who were not competing for the Peace Cup, were competing for the Clarke Cup.

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October 1984: Rotowaro Dairy open for business

Saturday 11 September | Camera Obscura

Last week we featured an image of the very early Frankton ‘Model Dairy’ flier.

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Opening up for business on Frankton's Main St

Saturday 4 September | Camera Obscura

This flier promotes a new business opening on Main Street, Frankton on 14 April 1921. The business was opened by Mr C. Davidson.

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Bird's eye view of Hamilton's timber yard

Saturday 28 August | Camera Obscura

This is Ellis & Burnand’s timber yard in Bryce Street.

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Our timber giants

Saturday 21 August | Camera Obscura

Ellis & Burnand was founded in 1891, becoming Ellis & Burnand Ltd in 1903.

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A 'distinct novelty'

Saturday 14 August | Camera Obscura

The kiddies will love him. Fun for all. The amusement surprise of the year! The greatest novelty ever introduced in New Zealand.

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