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June 2022

Thursday 30 September | 2022 Calendar

Did you know the Queen and Prince Phillip visited Hamilton for the first time, as part of their royal tour of New Zealand on December 30,1953.

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May 2022

Thursday 30 September | 2022 Calendar

Some stories remain with you from childhood. These classic stories have been delighting children and adults for a long time, whether in their original form or subsequent versions.

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April 2022

Thursday 30 September | 2022 Calendar

Shopping, everyone likes shopping for something.

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March 2022

Thursday 30 September

“I’m on top of the world!” Yelling it into the unforgiving wind atop a rugged mountain is the ultimate vision of freedom and achievement.

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February 2022

Thursday 30 September | 2022 Calendar

Rowing is certainly one of the most successful sports for New Zealand on the international stage, and the National Rowing Centre is based here in Waikato, at Lake Karapiro.

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January 2022

Thursday 30 September | 2022 Calendar

Children play at the Hamilton Lake Domain playground, supervised by adults nearby. The area has several palm trees and the restrooms can be seen in the background.

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G. E. Clark

Wednesday 29 September | Stories of Hamilton

Mr George Edward Clark was born in Cambridgeshire, England in 1840 and came to New Zealand in 1864.

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This is how it's done...

Saturday 25 September | Camera Obscura

This has the look of hard yakker. An old chap is on a machine which looks to be manually operated for the linear movement and the vertical moves.

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Clarke Cup Final 1928

Saturday 18 September | Camera Obscura

In 1928, teams from the Hamilton Rugby Union who were not competing for the Peace Cup, were competing for the Clarke Cup.

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Suffrage Day - 19 September

Wednesday 15 September

19 September 2021 marks 128 years since New Zealand granted women the right to vote.

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