Different types of 13 piece jigsaw puzzles from our Memory Care Collection.

St Andrews and Glenview Libraries are introducing a new Memory Care collection to support carers and persons experiencing cognitive decline, most commonly known as dementia.

What kind of items are 'dementia-friendly'?

The collection has materials for all stages of dementia. We try and focus on good literature (material that is well written) that they’ll appreciate and is cognitively stimulating for adult readers. Highlights of the collection include:

  • Short stories for people with mild memory loss. These individuals can still be enjoying what they normally read but may struggle with complex plots or characters in a story.

  • Adaptions of classics for easy reading. This includes stories readers may be familiar with, such as A Christmas Carol, or the Chicken Soup for the Soul series which has great bite sized and funny stories. 

  • Local history books which help readers to reminiscence.

  • Photo and picture books are perfect for people with advanced dementia as the images often prompt memories from their school days and encourage conversation.

  • Humorous content which is suitable for all stages of memory loss – we all feel better if we can smile about something.

  • Memory Aids, such as puzzles, Aquapaint kits, and magnetic picture boards designed to prompt memory and conversation.

  • Non-fiction books for carers and family members of people with dementia.

You can browse items in this collection in our library catalogue, or by asking a librarian next time you visit Glenview or St Andrews Libraries.

Why have a dementia-friendly collection?

A growing number of people in our community are living with dementia and this is part of our commitment to becoming dementia-friendly.

People with dementia often stop reading for pleasure at quite an early stage, even though they normally have good language skills. Poor vision, lack of motivation and encouragement may also be factors. By having a selection of appropriate reading material in one place, we hope to encourage more people with dementia to continue reading, or for family members/carers to be encouraged to read with them. 

Borrowing these items

All items in the Memory Care collection are free to borrow, and have a 28 day loan period. This collection is held at St Andrews and Glenview Libraries, but items can be transferred to another library for collection by placing a hold (the standard hold fee of $1.50 per item applies).


If you require support for someone affected by dementia, Dementia Waikato can help.

Dementia Waikato provides information, education, support, advice, and personal advocacy for people with dementia, their families and whaanau, and those who are close to them.