The Auaha Creatorspace is a 'low tech, high mess', community space that provides access to creative tools, expertise and experience. It is an inclusive and collaborative space where self-directed creative play and creative workshops are held by local artists and experts.

We invite you come and immerse yourselves in the creative process, to explore hands-on mediums, or create designs to be digitally relocated, 3D printed or laser cut in the high-tech Auaha Makerspace next door.

The Auaha Creatorspace also has studio space available for 3-month residences and we love to host creative groups and local artist workshops.


Participants attending a messy hands on art workshop.

What's on at Auaha Creatorspace

Creative Play

Open sessions for self-directed artistic exploration where materials are provided. You are welcome to do your own mahi toi (artwork) in this space at the time.

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Creative Workshops

Check out the wonderful variety of creative library events and workshops that are held in Creatorspace. 

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Artist Workshops

We are incredibly fortunate to host free 'Artist Workshops' that are facilitated by local practising artists. 

Information on past and future workshops

Librarian showing her creative art completed during a workshop held at CreatorSpace.

Artist Studio

We are offering 3-month free residency for local artists. Please email us on if you would like to know more about using this space for a residency and for exhibiting works.



Creative groups and clubs

We love to host creative groups, clubs and initiatives in our Creatorspace. Please inquire via our email about arranging a timeslot.