Our books on Maaori topics form the Maaori Studies Collection. The items in this collection are interfiled with Adult Non-fiction, and have a distinctive label for ease of identification, as shown below.

Maaori Studies Label

Maaori Studies and Adult Non-Fiction books interfiled

We have a number of children's books written in Te Reo Maaori. This includes mostly picture books, as well as some graded readers and chapter books. These books can be found under Junior Non-Fiction 899.442, however some libraries keep these books with the other picture books or readers - please ask a librarian if you need assistance to find anything.

Maaori Children's Picture Books

When searching in our catalogue, you can limit search results to the Maaori Studies shelf location to view only items in this collection.

Search results limited to Shelf Location: Maaori Studies

Please note that when limiting a search to Adult Non-fiction, Maaori Studies will be excluded as it is considered a separate collection. It is therefore a good idea to select both Adult Non-fiction and Maaori Studies for general non-fiction searches.

Limit search results options with Adult Non-fiction and Maaori Studies selected

Maaori Subject Headings - Ngaa Upoko Tukutuku

We use Maaori subject headings on our catalogue, making it easier to identify topics and books.

To search for a specific subject heading, either use the Advanced Search form to enter the subject heading(s) into the Subject field, or simply enter SUBJECT=(subject heading) into the search box. Use quotes around headings containing multiple words.

Website search box showing SUBJECT=ao wairua enteredAdvanced search box showing pakiwaitara and ao wairua entered in the subject field

Catalogue listing for The Wind City showing Maaori subject headings

More information about Maaori subject headings is available via the National Library.