The Libraries serve as a repository and preserver of documentary heritage, while making accessible material which represents the dynamic, cultural, historic and creative output of Hamilton, and where appropriate, the wider Waikato region. This includes the iwi boundaries of Raukawa, Maniapoto, Pare Hauraki, and Tainui. 

The collections are of enduring local and regional significance and ensure that Hamilton’s unique stories are collected, preserved and shared.

1. Guiding Principles

The Libraries archival collecting areas encompass all formats of documentary heritage following the ARANZ Code of Ethics and the Public Records Act 2005. These include:

These are of enduring value.

All items being accessioned or deaccessioned will be assessed with robust criteria via an acquisitions committee. The Acquisitions Committee consists of the Whakaputu/Archivist, the Rangahau/Heritage and Research Leader and other relevant specialists.

The Libraries will work collaboratively with Council departments and all communities in Hamilton to acquire material that:

2. Collection Donation, Deposit & Transfer

Acquisitions Committee criteria for consideration includes, but is not limited to:

Materials which are not textual or graphic, and are primarily artefacts, are normally referred to the Waikato Museum

3. Deaccessioning and Disposal

All items legally owned by the Libraries that no longer fit the specific collection development criteria may be deaccessioned via an acquisitions committee.

Acquisitions Committee criteria for deaccessioning includes, but is not limited to:

Disposal of material will initially be offered back to the original donor or their heir. If this is not successful, the following disposal methods would be considered:

4. Loans

Archival records and special collection items may be loaned within Council and to other heritage institutions for the purposes of exhibition or research.

The Library will loan material from other institutions for complimentary exhibition purposes.

5. Preservation

The Libraries:

6. Storage

Some resources are stored in closed access, mostly at the Central Library on Level Three. These resources add significantly to the depth and breadth of the library collections and can be retrieved by staff for customers in-house use.

All archival and special collections are housed in climatically controlled environments and managed according to best practice ensuring their longevity.

7. Access

Due to the unique nature of this collection, materials from the Whakaputu/Archives and Special Collections are only able to be viewed in the Special Collections Room on Level Three of the Central Library.

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