Two boys playing JengaPurpose

To provide guidance for library staff and our customers when children are unaccompanied in any library in the Hamilton City Libraries network.


In accordance with the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 children are defined as persons under the age of 14.

Unaccompanied child refers to any child whose adult caregiver is not on library premises.

Principles of Care

Children are welcomed by Hamilton City Libraries to use its collections, services, and spaces in a safe and respectful manner.  The safety and wellbeing of tamariki in the library is very important to us.

Children under 8 years old 
• Must be actively supervised by a caregiver at all times
“Actively supervised” means being close to the child, watching them and able to help immediately if they need it

Children under 14 years old 
• Must be accompanied by a caregiver in our libraries at all times.

Our role as staff is to deliver our services, and support all customers using our facilities - we need caregivers to support any children they’re accompanying to ensure their safety.