Maori designHe Whakaraapopototanga - Executive Summary

Hamilton City Libraries Bicultural Commitment establishes the strategic framework for the ongoing bicultural engagement of the Libraries and outlines the principles that will guide its implementation.

In New Zealand the term ‘bicultural’ refers to Maaori and non-Maaori. The Treaty of Waitangi put in place a partnership between Maaori and the British Crown.

An important part of biculturalism is the acknowledgement that Maaori are taangata whenua (the people of the land) and have a special relationship with the land. As Treaty partners, Maaori should have equal rights, protection and status.

Biculturalism at Hamilton City Libraries is manifested in our engagement and partnership with te iwi Waikato. It acknowledges the unique position of Maaori in Aotearoa New Zealand and the need to secure their participation in all aspects of the Libraries.

Libraries’ form relationships with Maaori in four groupings:

  • Taangata Whenua o Kirikiriroa (Iwi and hapuu of Hamilton)

  • Maataawaka (other Maaori communities)

  • Whaanau Maaori (Maaori members and users of library services)

  • Non-Maaori (Non-Maaori users of Maaori service)


Te Tiriti o Waitangi - Treaty of Waitangi

Hamilton City Libraries is committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi as reflected in the Local Government Act 2002. The Treaty of Waitangi ensures that Library Services meet the needs of the Community. The Library:

  • Acknowledges its Treaty of Waitangi obligations flowing from Central Government.

  • Applies Treaty of Waitangi principles in work policies and protocols.

  • Recognises Te Reo Maaori as an Official language of New Zealand.


Ngaa Maataapono - Guiding Principles

Hamilton City Libraries Collections
We will ensure that the values of Waikato Iwi are incorporated into the use, care, management and representation within our Taonga Maaori collections.

We will actively highlight and develop the Tangata Whenua collections.

The Hamilton City Libraries Experience
We will ensure that the Hamilton City Libraries experience reflects the values of Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Kaitiakitanga, Puukengatanga, and Te Reo Maaori in all our practises.

The Hamilton City Libraries in the Community
We will develop and maintain relationships with Waikato Iwi by sharing Libraries resources and knowledge with Iwi stakeholders.

We will work with Waikato Iwi in an inclusive and consultative way to assist in any decisions that affect the Tangata Whenua Collection or Tikanga Maaori practises.

Organisational Capability
We will, as an employer:

  • actively endorse, validate, and respect cultural values, knowledge and diversity through organisational practices and recruitment.

  • provide Hamilton City Libraries staff with training and opportunity to increase their bicultural capability.


Aa maatou Tikanga - Our Tikanga / Values

Hamilton Libraries chooses to base its bicultural commitment on five key principles that define the intent and spirit of the Hamilton Libraries management and operation:

Expresses respect, care, and hospitality. It ties people together creating a sense of community

Is the element that connects us to one another and recognises kinship relationships.

Translates as guardianship, to protect, preserve and make accessible the taaonga relating to Maaori.

To be specialists/experts in our practise.

Te Reo Maaori
Expresses communication, bilingual skills and affirms. Gives recognition to the validity of the language as an official language of New Zealand and demonstrates respect for Tangata Whenua.