Upcoming Life Skills and Community Service events at all Libraries

JP Services

Justice of the Peace

Monday 4 July

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Ask Me Anything: 3D Printing

Wednesday 6 July

1:00pm - 1:30pm
1:00pm - 1:30pm

Makers' Hour

Thursday 7 July

3:30pm - 4:30pm
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In LanguageLAB participants can join a fun, friendly, and relaxed learning environment to develop their overall English skills, in particular speaking, listening and pronunciation.

There will be a variety of activities and games each session to help build a fun classroom setting! We will also have various homework exercises for participants to develop their writing and reading skills. Come and join in!

Suitable for older teens and adults.

See times and locations.

Crowd of people with different coloured speech bubbles with the word Hello in various languages. The largest speech bubble says English Learners' Corner.

Practice your English in this fun social group! Grab a coffee from a nearby café, meet new friends and build your confidence.

See times and locations.

Image symbolising the internet

Would you like help with your CV, setting up an email account, online job applications, or general computer help? One-on-one help sessions are available.

Suitable for adults.

See times and locations.

Guitar Care and Maintenance Workshop

Learn how to save money by caring for your own guitar. Bring along a guitar that needs work, and learn the basics of tuning, restringing, cleaning, and more.

Suitable for all ages.

See times and locations.

Justice of the Peace banner

Justice of the Peace (JP) services are available at the Central Library and Glenview Library.

Duties, which all JPs can perform, include witnessing signatures on documents, certifying copies of documents and completing declarations (including statutory declarations), affidavits or affirmations.

See times and locations.

Practice your speaking and communication skills in a fun, welcoming and friendly environment. Suitable for both fluent and new English speakers - all levels of ability are welcome.

Suitable for adults.

See times and locations.

Needles, pins, and spools of thread

Bring your damaged clothing to repair, e.g. ripped, worn or torn jeans; shirts with stubborn stains that won’t come out; or your favourite pair of holey socks that you can’t bring yourself to throw out. Tools and scrap material provided, but we encourage you to bring your own as well. 

Suitable for all ages.

See times and locations.

A safe space for young people to come, study and hang out. Free Wi-Fi and limited computers/iPads available. No registration required. Free to join. For ages 13-18.

See times and locations.

Occasional Life Skills and Community Service events

Job Club by Workbridge

Job Club


Find out how Workbridge can empower you to achieve your employment goal. Come along and speak to an Employment Consultant who can provide you with advice and support on your job search journey.

Next time Job Club runs in our Libraries, it will be listed on our Event CalendarFacebook page, and our newsletter, ePaanui.

The MoneyMates Workshop

Illustration of whaanau sitting on couches and chairs, having a discussion, with the words Money Mates Workshop.


Balancing everyday family life and money can be tough. We have workshops about how to make your own budgets and how budgets help us to achieve our goals. The workshops are a block course of 4 weeks.

To find out where and when the next Money Mates workshop is running, keep an eye on our Event CalendarFacebook page, or sign up to our newsletter, ePaanui.