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Maaori Language Children's Books

We have a number of children's books written in Te Reo Maaori. This includes mostly picture books, as well as a range of graded readers and chapter books. These books can be found under Junior Non-Fiction 899.442, however some libraries keep these books with the other picture books or readers - please ask a librarian if you need assistance to find anything.

Junior materials specifically for learning Te Reo Maaori, such as picture dictionaries and bilingual vocabulary books, can be found under Junior Non-Fiction 499.442.

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Māori Made Easy series

The Māori Made Easy series of workbooks, by popular TV personality and te reo Maaori advocate Scotty Morrison, is a complete and accessible guide to learning the Maaori language, no matter your knowledge level.

Scotty Morrison has also authored The Raupō Phrasebook of Modern Māori, Māori at Work, and (together with Stacey Morrison) Māori at Home.

Some of these titles are also available on BorrowBox.

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A Māori Word/Phrase A Day

Hēmi Kelly's A Māori Word A Day and A Māori Phrase A Day books are popular with beginner learners of Te Reo Maaori.

Simple, effective and fun, these books offer an easy, instant and motivating entry into the Maaori language through 365 words or phrases.

These titles are available in print as well as on Borrowbox. Kickstart your reo journey with A Māori Word A Day, then continue it with A Māori Phrase A Day!

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Other Instructional Materials

Our lending collection offers a range of other Maaori language course and grammar materials, including CDs with recordings of proper pronunciation.

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Te Reo Maaori Dictionaries

Our catalogue contains a range of dictionaries to assist you on your learning journey, from standard Maaori-English dictionaries, children's picture dictionaries, historical dictionaries, and dictionaries of specialist terms.

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Te Reo Maaori Class

Te Reo Tupu, our eight-week beginner language class, offers you a FREE opportunity to grasp the basic skills of te reo Maaori to understand and speak confidently at ANY given space.

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Non-Library Resources

Free Language Learning Apps


Aki app logo

Aki is a Maaori language vocabulary and phrase learning app developed by the University of Otago. Paddle your waka and escape the taniwha by learning and identifying words and phrases.

Download the app: Apple | Android


Drops app logo

Drops is a language learning app which offers a range of languages, including Maaori. In just five minutes a day, you can learn Maaori through beautifully illustrated, immersive and playful lessons. You focus on the part of Maori that matters most — words.

Download the app: Apple | Android

Ka Piki

Ka Piki app logo

The Ka Piki app is designed and built in Wellington by a small team dedicated to making te reo learning easy and accessible.

Download the app: Apple | Android


Kōrerorero app logo

Kōrerorero, meaning conversations, is an interactive learning tool developed by AUT to teach te reo Māori through listening, repetition and learning vocabulary and phrases that can be easily introduced into real life situations.

Download the app: Apple | Android

Tipu Te Teo Māori

Tipu app logo

Koi is your teacher and she has an innovative Personalised Progression Memory which allows her to remember what words and phrases you know and which ones you need a little extra testing on. This ensures that you are learning as quickly as possible.

Download the app: Apple | Android


Free Online Learning Material

Māori was started in 2007 with some funding by Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Māori - Māori Language Commission. Its aim was to be a base for the basics of Maaori Language.

This website has a range of language learning guides and audio recordings, including material to be used in conjunction with the Māori Made Easy workbook series.


Ōpaki is a language series on Māori Television hosted by Pānia Papa. The show uses a range of language learning techniques, games, music and activities in te reo Maaori.

Te Reo Ūkaipō

Te Reo Ūkaipō has been written by parents, for parents through the support of 'Mā te Reo'. Their aim is to help parents with tamariki between the ages of 0-6 years, support the Māori language development of their kids.

Te Whanake

Te Whanake is a set of print and digital resources for learning and teaching the Maaori language. This website provides access to the full range of free online resources for independent learning and interaction. These online resources support the four core textbooks, which are available in the library collection.

Tōku Reo

Tōku Reo is a language learning show based on the comprehensive Te Whanake language course. Each episode has its own relevant activities and exercises allowing people to practise and develop language skills. In each block of five episodes, viewers learn vocabulary based around a theme and small number of sentence structures.

Toro Mai

Toro Mai (Massey University) consists of two online courses – one on te reo Māori, and one on tikanga. Each course takes approximately 10 hours to complete and can be studied at your own pace. There are no costs involved, no assignments, and no exams. A certificate of completion is available upon completion of the course.