A mario type pixelated landscape


ArcadeLAB will see students progress through a variety of tutorials aimed at developing their skills and techniques in building their own 80s style arcade game using Microsoft Makecode. After gaining a grasp of the basics and some inspiration, students will then design and create their own game! ArcadeLAB is suitable for children and teenagers. 

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Little boy creating chemical formulas using Strawbees.


HomeschoolLAB is another version of The LAB but for homeschool students. Throughout term time, students explore a variety of topics with activities and experiments, from TinkerCad to electronics, coding and stop motion animation. This programme is suitable for children and teenagers. 

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a boy in The LAB programme


The LAB - Libraries mobile makerspace programme is an interactive programme for young people which engages them in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) and engenders a passion for learning. Registrations are compulsory for the The LAB. If you are successful, you will be emailed confirmation of your attendance. If the class is already full, you will be put on the wait list for the next class and informed of this as soon as possible. 

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LEGO Mindstorms Workshop

Librarian and young child playing with a robot


Already a pro at building Lego? Sign up for our 4 classes and learn how to make a Lego Mindstorm robot and program it to move, make sounds and sense its’ surroundings.

The programme suitable for 8-12 year olds, and all equipment is supplied for use. The sessions are held at Central Library and registration is compulsory. 

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Li'l Constructibles 


Li'l Constructibles is a 10 week programme which uses STRAWBEES, an award-winning Swedish construction set, for building things that can stand, move, spin, glide, or even walk across the floor using straws, connectors and micro-bits. It can boost children's creative confidence through construction, programming and robotics. This programme is suitable for ages 4 to 8 and is held at Chartwell Library. Registration is compulsory for participation in this programme. 

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Li'l STEAMers - A STEAM Programme

Lil' STEAMers


Li'l STEAMers is a STEAM programme for children aged between 5-7 years old. It involves a science storytime with discussion of the science in the story and a hands-on activity. Kids get to be creative and have fun while exploring with science, technology, arts and math... and a story to go with it! Registrations are compulsory for participation. 

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From clay-motion to silhouette animation, puppets, and simple cut-outs, in our Stop Motion Animation classes we will focus on developing essential skills and techniques critical to producing a great stop motion project of your own! 

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