Our staff have been busy reading stories this lockdown. If you are using a mobile phone, enable 'rotation' on your phone and hold it horizontally so that you can view the videos in landscape. 

Paula Southgate - Mayor of Hamilton

Paula is reading Wake Up Bear by Lynley Dodd.

Van Kilburn - Whakaahu/Programmes Learning Leader

Van is reading The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner.

Su Bradburn - Whakaahu/Innovation Librarian

Su is reading Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry.

Jessica Dinnington - Ringa Hapai/Service Representative

Jessica is reading Hide and Seek by Susan Long Hill

Lauren Rowe - Ringa Hapai/Service Representative

Lauren is reading Dr. Dog by Babette Cole.

Gameedah Jones - Whakaahu/Innovation Librarian

Wriggle and Rhyme - singing, movement and rhythm in a delight way!