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AnyQuestions is funded by Ministry of Education, managed by the National Library of New Zealand, and staffed by librarians from right around New Zealand, including librarians from Hamilton City Libraries.

The service aims to teach kids and teens valuable information literacy skills so they can find the information for themselves. 

AnyQuestions is a chat-based service and works with any internet enabled device. It may look a bit different on different devices but be assured that children are talking to a New Zealand librarian. The service is open 1pm – 6pm weekdays to help you with your inquiries. 

All AnyQuestions librarians have been police vetted and are trained to communicate with young people. They do not have contact with anyone who has not been pre-approved and trained by us. 

Children visit the AnyQuestions website and click on the green button to start chatting with a librarian. 


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AnyQuestions will work with any internet enabled device, such as a computer, tablet or a smartphone. AnyQuestions does look a bit different on different devices but you’re still talking to a librarian, somewhere in New Zealand.

School teachers and librarians can book an AnyQuestions demonstration to show staff and students how to use AnyQuestions. These demonstrations can be booked any time during school hours, including our normal operating hours of 1-6pm. We are also happy to attend staff meetings and training sessions at odd hours.

  • Demonstrations usually lasts around 10-15 minutes.

  • It provides a quick overview of how AnyQuestions works.

  • Depending on the time we may be able to with deal with an inquiry question and use of keywords.

We are happy to support teachers and librarians with the New Zealand Curriculum. You can book a free class session with us and we will ensure that there are two librarians available to lead the class. One librarian can be available on in-person at your class or on Zoom while the other librarian picks up the class and demonstrates how AnyQuestions works. 

The class sessions work by a whole class logging in to AnyQuestions through a single computer with the transaction shown on a large screen or something similar.

  • Class sessions usually last for 40-50 minutes depending on the year level of the students and/or the topic.

  • We go through the whole reference interview process.

  • We include website evaluation tips which helps students to develop information literacy skills.

To book a class session with us, you need to provide us with the following information:

  • Name of your school.

  • Day and time for the class session. 

  • Year level and inquiry topic. 

class sessions with AnyQuestions Librarians.You can email the AnyQuestions Services to book a class session or fill out the form below and we will confirm the booking for you. 

AnyQuestions class sessions help students become more capable and confident digital citizens. Our class sessions contribute to preventing cyberbullying because students learn to be respectful, patient and polite online. We empower students with strategies to protect themselves online. 

Also, we have the local knowledge and resources available to support schools with the new Aotearoa New Zealand's Histories Curriculum. Our librarians are specially trained to support the Hamilton school teachers and librarians.

Our class sessions are a great way for Hamilton schools to become more involved with events and programming that we offer at our libraries. We can offer a demonstration of one of our STEAM programmes which are held after-school at our libraries. You can choose any programme and we will endeavour to have a librarian visit your school to do a demonstration for your students.

On Many Answers you can search for answers to popular questions asked on AnyQuestions. Many Answers entries are not intended to give you the answer but rather guide you to websites and other resources that will help you find the information for yourself.

Teachers and students can visit the Many Answers website and type in their topic or keywords. This will generate a list of results. The results can be filtered according to the level of studies and the most relevant subject. 

Many Answers also features most popular topics relevant to different year levels at school. 



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