Librarian's Choice: Untamed

LibChoice untamed

Title: Untamed

Author: Glennon Doyle

Untamed is mostly a memoir, partly an autobiography, and a little bit of a conversation between author and reader. It’s an inspirational and conversational story that picks up from where author Glennon Doyle left off with her last book – attempting to reconcile her marriage with a man who had cheated on her, to now coming to terms with her sexuality and finding how much better life could be with herself at the centre. At its heart, Untamed is a celebration of women's empowerment and self-love, told via a stark and gritty tale of a real woman’s life.


The conversational tone of Untamed makes it a book that will appeal to those wanting something inspiring and hopeful, without the emptiness that so many self-help books struggle with. Reading it is like talking to an old friend, discussing the woes and triumphs of being a woman in the 21st century, as well as the influencing factors that got us here. It’s incredibly candid and covers a lot of touchy subjects from white privilege, blended families, sexuality, and divorce. Despite this, it is still a hopeful read. It speaks on themes of social captivity and the catharsis of personal freedom and uses real-life experiences to personify these themes. The narrative is lucid and would certainly appeal to those who simply feel a little bit lost or dissatisfied in life.