Poetry Competition

Winning entry

in suspension - Patricia


holding my heart up to
            a mirror and all i see
                        is the buffering symbol but i

    don’t know what
            it’s waiting for
that sticky         black thing to
            come back to
                        my throat?
                                    the sweet scent
            of summer as it settles like
cake in my teeth?
                   i couldn’t tell you.
black beads of
            wondering in a loop of
                                    ‘maybe if
                        i were prettier…’

i asked for a sign but

       god is a cruel thing
 sending me hieroglyphics        of the modern age
                        like my youth will let me
                        read them
            i couldn’t tell you
but maybe
                        in the morning
                it’ll be worth   something

Highly commended

Skeleton - Kara


Hairless head,

Sightless eyes,

Soundless laugh,

With ivory smile.

Skinless fingers 

Long and slim

Bendy ribs

That used to hold

The heart 

That used

To love.

Spindly legs

That lead down to

The bony white feet

That used to walk

The wide world's rim.

Special mentions

Yin and Yang

Love is a Fools Game

Make it right

Can you imagine?

What a sad thing

Midnight hour  

An Old Wooden Man  (Judges favourite Special mention)