Poetry Competition

Winning entry

Te Peka Point - Sarah


As a toddler, I felt safe and giggly

On that beach

Burying myself in sand,

Crawling into the dancing shallows.

Taking my first steps, on shimmering shores

As if I had lived there for years - Already.


I remember

Finally taking that long swim

To the pontoon,

Climbing the rusty ladder.

Shaking with nerves

Standing at the very edge

Taking a deep breath and plunging into the depths

Of cold water

For the first time.


Finally Kayaking around

the corner

 away from the beach

One, two, one, two

 The paddles swept.

Landing at the private beach

 Fitting on the snorkel for the first time

Sure strokes around a rock and then

An explosion of colours

That I have gone back to

 every year since.

Highly commended

The One Who Watches - Annabelle


Great big strides,

Leather tears beneath me.

I jump,

Ready for anything.

I pounce,

A blur of sleek black fur flashes by.

I am the one who watches.


The highest cushion,

I take a breath.

Up, up, up,

Sunshine warms my fur.

My lime green eyes are ready,

I am the one who watches.


I study you,

My eyes putting you in a trance.

Tail twitching,

It tickles your face.

Ears alert,

For any danger coming your way.

I am the one who watches.



Vibrating under your hand.

Perched on the top of your couch,

You can’t resist me.

I’m not just an average cat.

For I am the one who watches.


The food and treats

Warmth and love

I am the one who watches

And would like to thank you.

Special mentions

Biscuiting - Sarah Briston, inspired by Selina Powell

Five Senses Colour Poem - Keira