Poetry Competition

Winning entry

Emily Dickinson taught me how to write a poem - Dadon


Splatter ink                                                                                          fists 

in the                                       top                                                                   right corner –  

twist your Straight


make them  







their stanzas 

into                              Dirt 

& feel the sting of a dash –  

                                                in their wide,                          Red 



spit      syntax       like             B u l l e t s 

use verbs as belts, nooses

and Birdsong


make Them believe  

we’re wide                  eyed Wombs 

disguise teeth 

in simile and                           violets


it’s too –                                                          late 

and we’ve made castles          in

                                    their            bones

Highly commended

School Mornings - Dadon


Tui holler their oral histories

pink petals speckle smashed Heineken –

if we slip we’ll be picking green glass

out of our palms for weeks.


The men who installed the internet

dug up the concrete real bad

we watch Buffy on YouTube                                                

but our blue sneakers soak puddles

when we run for the bus.


Kowhai bells sway in clusters

flick yellow on our shoulders

and shimmer mum-made ponytails.


We short-cut through the park

put on dollar store mascara

and bite our lips puffy

before we meet the boys.

Special mentions

Sea Vessel - Annalease

I left the house tidy for you - Judy

Gone - Lauren