From above, six books are held open in the laps for six different people, in a circle formation. The text What are readers reading? is overlaid.

In partnership with Hamilton Book Month: An opportunity to come and have an informal chat about what you've been reading with other readers, facilitated by Kohinga Collections Librarian Shannon Cooper. Hear what books have been trending on various platforms including TikTok/BookTok and about New Zealand bestsellers as well as ideas to set up and run a book group.

Participate in a book swap with other readers by bringing along books you'd like to trade and $5 in aid of a good cause- the Friends of Hamilton Public Library, who fund the petrol costs for the volunteers who deliver our Homebound service.

Note this event will be held after library hours, in the Auaha Meeting Room next to the entrance to Central Library.

Upcoming event sessions

Monday 15 August
Central Library
6:30pm - 8:00pm