On Saturday 9 March, join us at Te Kete Aronui and enjoy the opportunity to get familiar with some multicultural baking traditions without leaving the country!

This International Women's Day, we’ve organised an International Women's Kitchen to bring baking from all around the globe to the library.

We are calling all passionate female home bakers of Hamilton’s multicultural community to share the best recipes of their national baking. Bring some tasters along with your recipes and let our community fall in love with your national cuisine. Registration is required; please register to participate using the form below.

Since baking may contain some potential allergens such as bee products, nuts, eggs, wheat, and raw ingredients such as fruits, participants must take responsibility for their own dietary needs when sampling food made by others. All participants must declare the ingredients used and follow the food safety requirements detailed during registration.

Does the baking (including the decoration) contain any potential allergens such as bee products, nuts, eggs, wheat, etc, and raw ingredients such as fruit?
Food Safety Requirements

Personal hygiene

Make sure you and your helpers preparing and serving food are not ill. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching food, especially after going to the toilet, handling money or rubbish, and touching pets.

Preparing food

Prepare food hygienically. Buy fresh food and prepare it as close to the time of your event as possible.
Wash hands thoroughly after touching raw foods and before touching other food.
Thoroughly clean equipment and surfaces before preparing food and between activities.

Cook food thoroughly

Some foods (especially those that contain poultry, meat, fish, seafood, and dairy products) can contain harmful bugs and, if they’re not cooked thoroughly, can make people ill.

Transporting and storing food

Cover or wrap food and store it in clean, closed containers during transportation. Make sure that the part of the vehicle where the food is carried is clean and free from things (e.g. chemicals or equipment) that could contaminate the food.
Store food covered and keep it off the ground and away from animals, flies and insects.

Displaying and serving food

Cover displayed and stored food and keep it off the ground and away from animals, flies, and insects.
Serve customers using clean tongs or equipment, rather than letting them handle your food.
Have equipment available to keep cold food cold and keep hot food hot.
Remember, dirty hands, the environment, other food, utensils, and equipment can contaminate food.

Know your ingredients

Since customers who have food allergies need to know whether a particular ingredient is in your food, please display the information near the food.

More information

Please refer to the additional information on the MPI website.

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Upcoming event sessions

Saturday 9 March
Te Kete Aronui - Rototuna Library
11:00am - 1:00pm