Auaha Makerspace

Do you want to record some music but don't have access to a recording studio? Do you want to learn 3D printing? May be you want to print some stickers? There is some cool tech available as well as lots of opportunities to explore and find new interests at Auaha Makerspace - Central Library. 

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Kits - Discover something new

Learn something new, dust off an existing skill, maybe even gain a new hobby or tackle a DIY project with our Kit Collections. Get ready to open up a world of possibilities!

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Virtual Book Club

Join Riveted by Simon Teen live on Instagram for a monthly book club meeting. The books are discussed live on their channel and you can tune in to comment and join the conversation.

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Check out this YouTube playlist of some great exercise routines by Kendrick Chavex of LiftedFitt. You don't need equipment, just click on the playlist and start exercising!

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Virtual Exhibition

In Pieces represents 30 endangered species in one online exhibition by Bryan James. Each animal is designed from 30 pieces which come together and form the animal before your eyes. Learn about each species and the reason behind their endangerment. You can also download the images as a wallpaper for your device.

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Interactive Art

Try your hands on some interactive generative art at Weave Silk. Move your mouse around, click wherever you like, and watch as the magic unfolds. Beautiful colorful lines will form, both on the side where you clicked and on the opposite side, creating pictures similar to Rorschach inkblot test. There is also an option for sharing your drawings on social media.

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Can you guess the title of these books?

There are 20 anagrams to solve. Some books are new, some are old - but all are well-known and at high demand from our Young Adult collection. Good luck!