Join us this winter as we celebrate Matariki and experience the joy of reading for fun!

We want to spark your curiosity and encourage you to explore the narrative about the Matariki star cluster. Stars have guided sailors, travellers, and explorers for centuries - it's amazing how something so distant can illuminate our path and guide us through the darkest of nights. So whether you're interested in researching the Matariki stars or want to enjoy a good book curled up in your blanket, we've got you covered with our Winter Reading Programme: Navigating the Stars – Whakatere i ngaa Whetuu.

How it works: This year, we want you to focus on enjoying reading and engaging with your local libraries. Instead of a booklet with reading minutes logged, this year's Winter Reading Programme uses a game board along with reading logs and bookmarks. 

On the game board, you can start anywhere, go at your own pace, in whatever order you wish, and colour in the spaces as you read books or complete activities. Use the reading log to track your reading and write reviews of your favourite books on the bookmarks. Place the bookmark in the reviewed book when returning it to your local library. This will help you recommend it to other readers!

Also, each library branch has its own unique Matariki sticker which you can collect as you visit them for events related to the Winter Reading Programme. Now go ahead, curl up with a book and let the fun begin!

Parents and guardians: Please see the terms and conditions for participating in our Reading Programmes.

Every participant who registers for our Winter Reading Programme will automatically be entered into the main prize draw to win Matariki board games at each of our libraries. Winners will be chosen at the end of the programme on Sunday 21 July. There will also be a weekly spot prize given at each library. Come and share the cool stories you are reading and join us for some fun library activities!

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Winter Reading Programme 2024

This winter, we have an exciting reading programme for all age groups! If you're between 5-12 years old, ask your parent to sign you up at one of our libraries from Friday 21 June. The last day to collect your game board is Friday 12 July. 

For teens and adults, we have winter reading challenges online via Beanstack, which can be used to track independent reading time and books. You can start logging minutes towards the Winter Reading Programme from Friday 21 June. 

What's on during Winter Reading Programme

All our libraries are holding special days for activities related to their whetuu (star) during the Winter Reading Programme. Check out what's happening at your local library!

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Download Centre

Do you need another reading log or more bookmarks to write your reviews? Don't worry—ask a parent to help you print these from the Download Centre. Spare printed copies will also be available from your local library.

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