A goldmining treasure

HCL 01359 v2

Waihi, along with other gold-mining towns, enjoyed growth in its gold rush heyday quite disproportionate to its future status.  It has been suggested this image may be 1902, the year Waihi was proclaimed a borough when Waihi had about twice the population of Hamilton. Like so many gold towns in out-of-the-way locations, it never grew much beyond the size sustainable by the one key local industry. In 1905 the railways came in from Paeroa and carried on through Tauranga to Taneatua. Suddenly Waihi had a very direct and stable link (if somewhat circuitous) to Auckland. Still, no real industry to aid significant growth. The town has changed a great deal since this image. It is still however, a very attractive and very busy junction town with a great history.

Contributed by Perry Rice, Heritage Librarian – Photographs, Hamilton Central Library. If you have any information you would like to pass on or would like to buy an electronic copy of the photo, please e-mail archives@hcc.govt.nz quoting: HCL_01359