Librarian's Choice: Organize Your Way

LibChoice organize your way

Title: Organize your way: simple strategies for every personality

Author: Katie and Kelly McMenamin

Organize Your Way examines different ways of organizing based on your personality type. It also provides a quiz if you don’t know what type you are. This book shows not all people will find a certain system of organizing productive and helpful, and reminds the reader that their home is organized if the system in place works for them.


This book is a fast-paced read which is easy to finish in a day or two if desired. It is a feel-good, inspiring and self-deprecating title which allows you to see the bright side in the mess of an unorganized home, as there is always a way to make it organized once again. The rough illustrations help the reader relate to the authors as two regular people trying to help, rather than a company pushing a specific type of organizing onto all readers.