Hillcrest Library 2Hillcrest Library Manga-o-nua services the southeastern suburbs of Hamilton, and is situated in a group of shops in Masters Avenue.

Manga-o-nua is the name of the main gully stream that runs under State Highway 1 and Morrinsville Road. It was a tribal land mark in pre-European times marking the traditional boundaries between Ngati Wairere and Ngati Haua. The Manga-o-nua gully was used for gathering native trout and tuna (eels) that migrated upstream from the Waikato River. Tuna were dried and hung from Tuna Pataka - elevated storage huts.

Services available

  • Free car parking.

  • Buses stop at Masters Ave in front of library.

  • Free internet and free Wi-Fi.

  • Colour photocopier.

  • Self-check issues and after-hours returns.

  • Community notice board.

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Monday to Friday     9.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9am - 12.30pm


07 838 6849


58 Masters Avenue, Hillcrest

Library Team Leader: Robyn Pengelly

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